Trichuris trichiura

Virtual Microscope

Trichuris trichiura egg

Trichuris trichiura eggs measure approximately 50-55 micrometers in length and 20-25 micrometers in width. They have a distinctive barrel-shaped appearance and are enclosed by a thick shell. At each end of the egg, there is a pair of polar "plugs" or protrusions.

Upon being passed in the stool, the eggs are unembryonated, meaning they have not yet developed into more advanced stages of their life cycle. These unembryonated eggs need to undergo further development outside the host's body before they can become infective and capable of causing transmission to another host.

A Shell
B Embryo
C Polar plugs

Adult Trichuris trichiura

Adult males of Trichuris trichiura measure approximately 30-45 millimeters in length and have a coiled posterior end. On the other hand, adult females are slightly larger, ranging from 35-50 millimeters, and have a straight posterior end.

Both males and females possess a long, whip-like anterior end, which is a characteristic feature of this parasitic worm. These whip-like structures play a role in their attachment to the host's intestinal wall and in obtaining nutrients.

Trichuris trichiura adults primarily inhabit the large intestine, cecum, and appendix of the host, where they embed their anterior end into the intestinal mucosa. The female worms release eggs in this location, which are then passed in the host's stool, continuing the parasite's life cycle.