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Characteristics / Biology of Acarina

  • 8 legs (exception:  some  larval stages of mites and ticks have only 6 legs)
  • Mites have capitulum («head» with mouth parts)
  • Spheric body
  • Pronounced capitulum with mouth parts
  • Hard dorsal shield in case of hard ticks
  • Incomplete metamorphosis (hemimetabole development) (larvae look the same as adults)
  • Itch mite (scabies): feeding on cell and lymph fluid, female creates burrows in the skin
  • Hosts: Wild animals and pets, human


•Medical significance: 

  • Itching or burning bites (mistake in host)
  • arious degrees of erythematous papules
  • erythema and pustules

The face (including eyelids) is most commonly affected, but the ear canal, scalp, neck, back, chest, nipples, buttocks, penis, and extremities (legs and arms) have also been affected.