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Technical help

The learning software is regularly tested with the current Webbrowsers. Browser default settings should be appropriate, Java Script must be enabled.

Adobe Acrobat has to be installed in order to open pdf files. To play Flash Animations the Flash Plugin must be installed.

The navigation bar on top of each page reflects the level of knowledge. The content of each section is described under didactic approach. If you click on a section (like Home, Foundations…) a navigation tree is displayed on the left side of the page. Just click on a topic to open the desired page. Topics with a cross in the navigation tree contain further levels of navigation which become visible after clicking on the cross.
You can navigate through the pages by using the navigation tree. In addition there are some pages which should be visited as a sequence which contain an own forward and backward navigation.
Beside the top level navigation bar and the navigation tree a bread crumb navigation is displayed under the top navigation bar. Here your navigation path is visible which alleviates orientation.
Specific details for each section are explained on the referring introductory page.
The Sitemap under Home gives you an overview of the organization of the learning programme.

Loading time
Some specific parts of the learning program like the tests or the virtual microscope may suffer from longer loading times which depend on the quality of your internet connection.